Review Games

Every teacher has a repertoire of games bthey use with the class to review for an assessment.  Many use some form of Jeopardy.  Here are two that were huge hits annually with the kids.


I’m not sure where I discovered this game, but I find it an invaluable tool in my substitute binder, and the kids regularly ask for it before test time.

RISK is a two part game that takes about a class period to go through (about 50 min).  The first part involves students individually taking a short, 10 question mini quiz on whatever topic you desire.  I give the class about 20-30 minutes to do their work, preferably in pen because it’s easier to spot cheating mid-game.

The second part is the game part, which can take 5-10 minutes.  The kids  all begin with 100 points. They can wager up to but not over their total number of points. If their answer to the problem  is correct, they add their wagered points to the total; subtract if they have a wrong answer.  The goal is to be the person with the most points.

Before reviewing the answers, students take a moment to place a wager on how confident they feel about their answers – higher points if they think they’re correct, fewer points if they’re not sure.  I usually aim for 30 seconds.  Their wager gets written in the “Risk” column of the game sheet.  Then, the answer is revealed, scores get adjusted, and students have to calculate how many points they want to risk on the next question (I think a minute is a pretty good amount of time for all this).  Keep going until all 10 questions are answered.   At this point, see who’s the winner!

Undoubtedly, there will be a few students who lose all of their points early on.  I still make them follow along and check over their answers.